I have a question regarding a representation made to me by my employer during the interview process. There was no relocation involved.

I had a relatively high paying job in Chicago. I decided that I wanted to work closer to home in the suburbs and interviewed with another company.

During the interview, I asked for a particular position at a certain level. The employer then made the comment that it would not be possible because I didn't have the necessary qualifications, but that in time I would attain that position. The money wasn't the issue, it was the title. Although I wasn't pleased about the title thing and a salary cut, I left my previous employer (taking a paycut and a lowered status of a job) so that I could work closer to home. I now have the qualifications to be eligible for the title, although I haven't gotten that title yet. The title would be very important as a springboard to better jobs in the future.

Subsequently, my employer hired a person with the job title I was seeking, who literally had the very same qualifications I did when I first started. This person also didn't/doesn't have the qualifications supposedly necessary to have that title, yet she got the title.

Do I have any recourse? I would never have taken this job had I known that this was going to happen. Also, I get good reviews on the job and am considered a valuable employee, so it's not liek the company hates me (I presume).