My question involves real estate located in the State of: Michigan
We purchased the property 5 years ago and did not have a survey done. During the spring of 2008 we started landscaping to facilitate putting in a new driveway. We trimmed the branches on 15 cedar trees that we believed were planted by one of the previous owners inside the Northern end of the West boundary line. The neighbor on the other side of the cedars corroborated the planting of the trees on our side of the property line shortly after we moved in and a number of times after that. Her fence that starts were the cedars stop was offset enough from the our tree line and appeared to support that premise.
That afternoon a County Sheriff Deputy came out and ordered us to cease removing anymore "vegetation" from the trees because the neighbor filed a complaint stating they were her trees. After talking with the deputy and explaining our side, we were left with insructions to not remove any more vegetation until the property line as definitely identified.
I paid for a survey and the trees were more than two feet inside my property line.The survey also clearly shows that the corner of her fence is almost a foot over the line on my property.
Having little tolerance for more of her antics and false accusations, I sent a registered letter telling her to move the fence. A week later, I recieved a registered letter from her stating the fence was over 25 years old and she now owned the property under adverse possesson. I believe under Michigan law she's right. The two previous owners never questioned the location of the fence and it's been over 15 years.
My dilema is how does the property description get changed? I'm planning on retiring in a few years and when I sell, I'll have to disclose that there is a property line in dispute. She stole the property from the previous owners, and I won't fight for the sliver her fence is on, but how do I get her to change the property descriptions to reflect her new ownership of the land her fence is on?