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    Default Emancipation in Missouri, Without Parental Consent

    Hi, i live in idaho, yet my problem is not about me, it deals with my girlfriend.
    Over the summer (during july) my g/f moved from missouri to idaho to live with her aunt, providing a better life for her, because her mother is a drug addict and very foolish (ex - driving un-regestered vehicle while intoxicated, after already sustaining previous DUIs resulting with her kids, my g/f and her sister, to be put into foster care). Around a month ago, the aunt kicked my g/f out and the only option was for her to move back to missouri. My g/f now lives with her mother again, who is still addicted to drugs (pot is all we know of), and she wants to come and live with me. I am 17 and a junior in highschool, as is my g/f. My parents have already agreed to her living with me and since they know of her situation with the drug environment, want to give her the best possible structure to live under. My g/fs mother and stepdad however, dont want her moving untill shes finished with highschool. So my question is - How can she (my g/f) become emancipated so that she can come to live with me? I know that if she were to just leave, there would be major legal issues, and i may just be pressed with harboring a run away, but i really need to know what all can be done to either turn custody over to my parents or to have my g/f emancipated.
    One more quick bit of info - my g/f's mother is trying to get their littlest daughter back from even worse people, so by telling the courts or any one about the drug situation would ruin that for them...I really need any help that is available, and im more than willing to do anyhting. Thanks for your time, for i know this is long.


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    Default Emancipation in Missouri

    According to the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri,
    Quote Quoting Missouri Emancipation Law
    In Missouri, a minor may be emancipated in one of three ways:

    1) your parents may give express consent to a court that they are waiving their parental rights;

    2) your parents may give implied consent, which would apply in situations where you have been living on your own, supporting yourself, and for all practical purposes your parents have relinquished their parental rights; and

    3) you experience a significant change in your societal status-such as an enlistment in the military or marriage.

    As in Kansas, emancipation requires the ruling of a judge.

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    well could you possibly explain that more thoroughly? dont get me wrong its majorly appreciated. but i guess i just dont understand..and perhaps given my situation, could u put it into context mr. aaron? again, much appreciated.
    One more quick thing, how long would the emancipation process take?

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