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    Default DA Goes Against Juvenile Recommendations Because of Friendship with Victim's Mom

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oklahoma

    I previously posted the following…….
    I have a 16 year old boy that has never been in any trouble at all except for a speeding ticket. He has had trouble with 2 boys for quite a long time. He had had enough and beat one of them up.

    That kids mom is one of those "I get my way or else moms" Anyway she is pressing charges. Assault and Battery.....

    I posted this a few days ago. Since that time we've had the juvenile intake. The DA did not take the recommendation of the Juvenile intake instead we got a letter saying that they were going to issue a "petition to go to court."

    This vindictive mother has been heard to brag that "she has powerful friends" and that "She'll make us pay” Anyway it seems as though her friendship with the DA and his wife is paying off. Having to go through this is almost unheard of in the small county/tricounty area where we live and this man is DA. Most of the time things like this are thrown out or ALWAYS handled by juvenile affairs.....

    We all live in the same small town, the DA and his wife, the victom and his vengeful mother and my family and have for years and years.....

    What can we do, if we suspect there is abuse of power? This is the very first time other than a previous traffic ticket that our son has EVER been in trouble! Our lawyer is gone for the weekend and I am on edge. I do not know what to do....I am sure that this is still an issue and the DA didn't go along with the recommendations of the Juvenile Affairs Office because of this friendship. I feel we are being railroaded...and we do not know where to turn!!!!

    Please give some advice......because the emotional fall out from this has put so much strain on our family and my health. I've had to double my blood pressure medicine due to the stress......Our lawyer won’t be back for a few days…..


    It should be stated that this boy that my son beat up has been bullying him for years and years and my son finally had had enough.....

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