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    Default Hitting Somebody Exercising in the Road

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of:


    Heres the situation:

    You are driving your friend home and he lives on a a pitch black road. Its about 12:30 am. All of a sudden you see this kid doing push ups in the middle of the road (I kid you not) and you hit him head first. Now luckily I avoided this potential tragic situation because my friend yelled and alerted me just at the right time. I did not see the kid at all and if it wasnt for my friend, he would likely be dead as I was headed towards him head first. I was obeying every law and doing everything fine. The kid was on the right hand side of a 2 way narrow street, didnt see him because I was focusing on the road straight ahead. However I still woulda hit him because the road was very narrow and my car is pretty wide. My question is thankfully a hypothetical one, but I am still curious: if my friend never alerted me in time, could I be charged with manslaughter or other crimes of this nature?

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    Default Re: Hitting Somebody Exercising in the Road

    You would tell the police, "I don't know where he came from - I didn't see him before I heard the 'thud'". They would bring out their 'top gun' accident reconstruction experts to try to figure out exactly how the accident occurred. And what followed from that would depend upon the conclusions of their reconstructionists.

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