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    My girlfriend turns 18 in July of this year. Her mother emotionally and occasionally physically abuses my girlfriend and her brothers but DHS hasn't done anything about it and the cops just ignore what they see because they are over there so often. Is it possible in the State of Oklahoma to get Emancipated without parental consent if she has a stable environment to live in?

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    Stable environment is nice, but what the court is going to be looking for is her track record of earning enough money to TOTALLY and COMPLETELY support herself - including being able to pay the entire rent of any place she moves into (in case anyone else livign there leaves, dies, etc.), health insurance premiums, utilities, food, clothes, etc. etc. etc. while maintaining a decent GPA until she graduates high school. If those issues aren't met, the rest won't matter.

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    Not to mention the fact that in Oklahoma, minor emancipation gives the minor the right to sign contracts and THAT IS ALL. It does NOT give them the right to move out.

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