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    Default Auto accident without insurance

    hi , i am a 24 yrs old guy , full time student , On march 17 i was coming from my school which 2 miles away from my home. I was watitng at the red light on a rainy day . and i heard some tire scratching sound like some one is applying a brake very hard. then the next moment , the car behind me struck me from the behind and did a great damage to my car. and i was just waiting at the red light and then we exchange our information but the moment i did not had any insurance and they guy he even did not ask me for my insurance , but i got alal of his insurance paper,. but i went after the accident and within 30 minutes i bought an insurance , but now i am scared that my insurance will think that i got insurance after the accident so they might will not help me . i am confuse please tell me as s oon as possible , its still not more then 24 hours . please help me i am poor but i have insuracne now. from geico . i havent call them ffor claim , so please guide me .,the fault was 100% of the guy who struck me from behind.

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    I am assuming that you did not call the police or turn in an accident report which is a violation along with no insurance. This may or may not come back to bite you. Geico will not insure a wrecked car so if you make a claim to them it will be fraud. Call the other party's insurance carrier and hope for the best. If they deny coverage all you can do is sue him and hope to collect.

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    Quote Quoting lwpat
    Geico will not insure a wrecked car so if you make a claim to them it will be fraud.
    To be even more emphatic, people can be criminally prosecuted for that type of fraud.

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