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    Default Teen Pregnancy and Emancipation in Florida

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Florida
    My Daughter is 16 and Pregnant. I have been informed several times by healthcare providers that she is considered to be Emancipated since she is Pregnant. Is this TRUE? I was under the Impression that she can sign for her medical needs and that of the baby and she can establish child support but that I was still leagally responsible for her?

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    Default Re: Teen Pregnancy and Emancipation in Florida

    Did you read this thread before posting?
    Quote Quoting aaron
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    Pregnancy will not emancipate you from your parents.

    You will be entitled to make your own decisions concerning your medical care and the care of your child, but otherwise you will remain in your parents custody.
    They're describing medical emancipation.

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    Default Re: Teen Pregnancy and Emancipation in Florida

    In Florida, a minor who is pregnant is considered to be emancipated when making medical decisions that affect the pregnancy. Once the child is born, the minor who is now a parent has parental control over the newborn, but the minor parent is still under the parental control of the original parents (the new grandparents).

    Is that clear as mud?

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    Default Re: Teen Pregnancy and Emancipation in Florida

    There is a difference between medical emancipation and legal emancipation.

    In most if not all states, a pregnant teen is MEDICALLY emancipated, meaning that she, with the help of her doctor, can make the decisions regarding her own health care and that of her baby.

    In NO state does pregnancy LEGALLY emancipate a teen. She is still subject to the care and control of her parents for everything except her health care decisions. The parents are still legally and financially responsible for her and she is still required to follow their rules.

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