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    Default Insurance Code 999 on NYC Accident Report

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: NY

    I am looking to make a claim on the insurance of an at-fault party that did damage to my car (sideswipe). This occurred in Brooklyn. I was able to obtain a police report which I was assured would contain his insurance information but I was displeased to find the code for the insurer was listed as 999, which I am told is an "unlisted insurer." How am I supposed to make a claim when I can't figure out who the insurance provider is?

    On a side note, I was given a ticket for not being able to provide proof of insurance. My current insurance card had gone missing. The officer told me I would be able to simply mail proof of insurance with the ticket to the specified address and it would be dismissed without need for a hearing but upon inquiring about this at the precinct, I was told I would have to show up for court no matter what. Somebody doesn't have their facts straight. Any information you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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    Default Re: Insurance Code 999 on NYC Accident Report

    Have you tried to check to see if there is a record of the insurance information, perhaps from the officer who took the report? If the other driver was insured, there should be a record.

    Absent information on who the insurance company is, your principal options are to try to make a claim through your own insurance, to contact the at-fault party and ask for their insurance information, or to sue the at-fault party and see if they turn the claim over to their insurance.

    As for your own inability to provide proof of insurance, follow the instruction you receive from the court. I would not be at all surprised that a hearing is required if you don't get the ticket dismissed, but that the court will dismiss the ticket if you submit proof of insurance as the court clerk (or prosecutor) instructs.

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