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    Default I-129F

    Okay I am thoroughly confused and frustrated with this whole process...but anyways here is my question:
    I have filled the I-129F for my fiance overseas and have just recently been approved, I know my fiance has to go to the doctors and designated consulate etc... but i was wondering exactly what we have to do after we get married in the US. I feel like once I say "I do" I will have a mound of paperwork to work through afterwards. As I understood it once we are married my fiance is automatically given conditional residence (without need of filling any forms). How will they know that we got married then, Is there really a form to fill out?and if so which one? And does that include a work permit too? (I was told it does but i don't believe anything until it hear the same answer from several different people). And then as i understood it conditional residence is granted for the 2 years after marriage and a few months before it expires we should appliy for a change in status I-485 form for permant residence. But i was just told today that i have to do that right after we get married (??) Also we wanted to honeymoon outside the US and then again I was given some news that would have been helpful earlier that my fiance can't leave the US without ruining his status with out applying for another form... i don't get it at all.

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    Default Adjustment of Status After Marriage

    After the marriage, file an I-485 application for permanent residence on behalf of your spouse.

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