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    Default What Business Entities Can Sponsor H1B Workers

    What company can sponsor H1B? I asked attorneys about this, and they said that any company can sponsor H1B, but how about the followings?

    LLC sole proprietorship
    LLC partnership (taxed as partnership)
    LLC (taxed as corporation)

    Can they all sponsor H1B?

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    Default LLC applying for H1B

    Was there some reason you doubt the lawyers' advice? I don't know of any impediment to an LLC's sponsoring a worker for an H1B.

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    It's not that I doubt her advice. It's more like that I want to know exactly what she meant. LLC sole proprietorship, LLC partnership (taxed as partnership) and LLC (taxed as corporation) have number of differences, in particular, LLC (taxed as corporation). So, my tuition told me that maybe USCIS sees only certain types of LLC as a company but not others.

    I just wanted to clarify ...

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