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    Default Boundary Line Dispute

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Maryland

    Very frustrated in Maryland.
    My wife and myslef purchased our house in 2006. When we purchased the house we were made aware that a corner of our fence may encroach on another person's property. We live in the middle of the woods with our one neighbor who we purchased our house from and the rest is nothing but woods. The owner of the woods behind have filed a suit against us and our nieghbors stating that we have erected a fence, planted rose bushes and erected a shed on their property. We purchased the house this way and have not erected any of these items. These people have a land developer that is assisting them and he has been trying to attain a permit to build houses behind our house for many years, put the county continues to deny him, so I believ they have resorted to suing us and our neighboors saying that the property line is wrong.

    This land developer is a surveyor and the only thing he is using to go off of is a plot from 1948 and the method that was used is apparently the least accurate. There have been other surveyors since that have placed iron rods in the ground and have done extremly accurate methods of surveying, however this land developer continues to ignore these poles and in my opinion is trying to take our property from us for nothing. I believe that this developer believes that if he can obtain a certain amount of footage onto our and our neighbors property that his right of way will be large enough to obtain a permit to build houses. We do not have the money to obtain a lawyer and these property owners are not paying for a lawyer, because the land developer is fronting the money for now. Is there any information that you have that could possibly assist. Also these people have prayed for a jury trial and the land owners do not live on the property, it is all woods and is next to a critical wetland area. Thank YOU!!!

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    Default Re: Boundary Line Dispute

    Two questions:

    Is this a subdivision?


    Have you had a survey done?

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    Default Re: Boundary Line Dispute

    I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you are going to have to hire an attorney. You may be able to have your attorney shut them down early when he asks for a deposition from the back neighbor, by clearly demonstrating that they don't have a chance in heck of winning, but probably not. It boils down to deciding how much you want that property.

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    Default Re: Boundary Line Dispute

    What is the status of the "critical wetland area" ?

    Corps of Engineers, DNR, whatever? What effect does this have on your situation?

    You make this out as a spat between surveyors which you seem to have some insight in deciding. Extremely accurate measuring does not equate to surveying.

    You are free to engage a surveyor of your own and that would likely be the least expensive method of determining your actual situation in this matter.

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