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    Default The Police Found Child Porn On My Computer

    The following was posted by a visitor to the forums.
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    4 years ago I got a restraining order against a girl i dated for a while. I was very upset that she broke up with me and was now seeing a friend of mine so i invented things on the internet such as slandering my Matchmaker profile, had strange men from the site call my house so i could document harassment. I made a false police report and filed Domestic Violence charges against the girl. I placed several slanderous postings on and said she was doing it. I told the judge, who was putty in my hands, that she was harassing me and I got a RO for domestic Violence for 3 years.

    Now my past has come to haunt me. Someone informed on me. The police had a warrent to search my house and took my computer. I since have a new one. but there is incriminating evidence on that computer there is child porn. I need Help. Can they prove I was looking at it? Can I say it just appeared on my computer? I have a lot to lose a new wife, who knows nothing about all this. I don't want it to ever come out. Can someone please tell me what I can do about the porn and if all the harassment i did to that girl will be seen if they examine my computer would they find the emails to her and the matchmaker profile that i slandered? Would they do anything to me for committing fraud? Can that girl come back and do anything to me for the fraud if they find anything? I know it's been 4 years but could she come back and sue me in any way? I'm a very rich man and do not want to let go of a dime!

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    Default Evidence from a Computer

    The computer may well contain evidence to support the contention that you committed criminal offenses in relation to the police report and restraining order. It is difficult to guess what is on your computer, or what remnants are likely to remain of old files or temporary Internet files that have been deleted. The prosecuting authorities would not be executing a search warrant and examining your computer if they did not anticipate filing criminal charges in the event that they uncover incriminating evidence.

    Arguing that child porn simply appeared on your computer, and presumably organized itself into folders, is probably not credible. Viable defenses to the presence of such files usually involve evidence that somebody else was responsible for their presence - either maliciously, through shared use of a computer, or through the failure to notice a prior owner's files on a second-hand computer.

    You should retain an attorney, experienced in these matters, as soon as you can.

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