my husband died in 1993 and ive been maried to him for17 years and still maried to him he had a house when we got married i lived in the house with him and raised his two children and then i and him had two girls together my girls were under age when he died my step son and my husbands first wife moved in the house before they found my husbands body and then my step son kiked his mother out i was not aloud in the house at all they sold everything and sold the harly i had bought my husband and know my girls are grown and he wants to sell the house and give them 1,000.00 each he says that i have nothing to do with it and i am not aloud anything from my husband estate they sold and took everything me and my husband owend and know he has paid his real sister off on the house and is gone right know to see about singing my girls rights over but iam not aloud in the picture my 2 girls are 21 and 23 but iam still married to my desseced husband i geuss what iam asking is do i have any say so about anything one lawyer tells me i do and the other tell me i dont but i lived in the house and raised all 4 of the childern and ive got nothing is there something i need to file am i entitled to anything at all i live in texas please e-mail me on some help cause i have been getting the shaft about this for years and know my step-sons selling the house to buy a new one the house my husband owes is appraised at 78,000.00 so what and whom should get what he paid his natural sister off a while back she sgined her rights over to him but me and my 2 girls have not singed anything yet please try to send me help on this asap thank you beckett