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    Default Any Other Options for Becoming Legal Besides Marriage

    My boyfriend entered the U.S. illegally from the Philippines when he was 4 years old. He is turning 20 in March. During those 16 years, for some inexplicable reason, his father (now a naturalized citizen) did not petition him to become a citizen. Apparently, in order to become a citizen the father had to have no children, so he said that he didn't even though he obviously did. My boyfriend has had no run-ins with the law, does not deal drugs, or anything bad commonly attributed to illegal immigrants. He wants to be a legal citizen so he can go to school and obtain legal work.

    We do want to get married and spend our lives together, but his illegal status is holding us back. Trying to get his father to petition him hasn't helped, and now his only viable option to become legal is by getting married. Either that, or we can wait for the Dream Act to get passed. Are there any other options for becoming legal?

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    Default Re: Any Other Options for Becoming Legal Besides Marriage

    and now his only viable option to become legal is by getting married.
    Since he entered illegally, that's not a viable option, either.

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