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    Default Finding legal help for work injuries

    Hi, My Situation is new and i just recently got hurt while doing my job and my job involves ledder handling cause i am cable tech now what took place is i was working and had my ledder up about 30 feet from ground and hanging on the cable when i completed i return and try to bring the ledder down long story short ledder rope went off fast from my hand and my left hand was holding the ledder and one side of the ledder came down so fast and struck my hand good news i got hurt but according to doctor nothing got broken but lots of swelling and pain well first appoitment went second also completed no recovery swelling and pain is there now how will i go and do what i shold do i was at work and dont wana be out of work but till than how will i be compansated and what precautions i should be using cause i wana make sure i am 100% when i get to work cause thats how i was wheni was working, if there is any advice and do's and dont's i shold know i would appreciate

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    Default Work-Related Injury

    If you have recovered well enough such that your doctor permits you to return to work, your preference to return at a later date is not likely to be respected by your employer. You're not entitled to worker's compensation benefits for voluntary absences from work, and you can be medically able to return to work even before you're at 100% of your pre-accident condition.

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