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    Default State of Texas Has Custody

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Texas

    I'm really reaching out trying to get some info for my mom. Two years ago my moms family member lost custody of their child. My mom stepped up and was the only person qualified to take temporary custody of the child. In the last two years the child has had over six different case workers who only visit about twice a year, nobody ever calls to see how the child is doing and nobody ever offers assistance or updates my mom about the court cases or outcomes, when she calls the main offices she gets voice mails, nobody ever seems to be at work or return phone calls. During the once a year home visits all the case worker does is take the child in to the room and ask questions pertaining to how the child is being disciplined. During the last few visits the case workers had no files or information on the child, they had to ask my mom what school the child went to etc.. its just really dragging on and its hard for me to see my mom go through all the stress. Should my mom get a lawyer to speed up the process so the state will know shes serious? it really seems like they just dropped the kid off and said goodbye, no updates no phone calls no nothing. money isn't even a problem i will pay whatever amount it takes to get some help for my mother, she shouldn't feel alone through this, she did a very selfless thing and now shes in it alone. any advice is appreciated.

    Ps - since she has been in my moms custody for so long can my mom file for full custody already? anything, I'm really ignorant in this subject. I wish I knew more. Personally I think two years is crazy. They already terminated custody from the child's parents.

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    Default Re: State of Texas Has Custody

    Does your mom want to adopt? If so, she could benefit from consulting a lawyer to discuss her situation, and to evaluate her rights and options.

    Has she ever asked the social workers about her options? Has she ever had any reason to suspect that they would oppose a permanent placement or adoption?

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    Default Re: State of Texas Has Custody

    try looking at for answers to specific questions. A while back I stumbled on something on there stating that they are suppose to check up on kids once every 30 days and that was under the federal section. Since they terminated the rights of the parents that makes the child adoptable. Your mother should consult an adoption lawyer. At least that way they can "acheive permancy" which is the goal in any cps case. Then your mother wouldn't have to worry about cps knocking on the door or questioning the child anymore. The child would then be legally hers. BTW I had an open cps case at one time and they were here every 30 days to make contact with the kids and they were not removed. Somebody in this case isn't doing thier job.

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