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    Default Arrested for Obstruction, Deferred Judgment or Go to Trial

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Colorado

    I was arrested for protesting at the DNC and I can't make a decision. I was on the sidewalk the whole time, but I don't have faith in people and am afraid that I might be tried by the jury with guilty by association or something ridiculous. I have the option to do deferred judgment with 1 year probation, but that is so intense. Should I go for the trial? It's a class c misdemeanor, but i also might get charged from my arrest in the rnc. will this bite me in the ass?
    the only video is me crossing the street quickly, but with other protesters around me. why is law like gambling?

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    Default Re: Arrested for Obstruction, Deferred Judgment or Go to Trial

    You've been offered a deferral? That's a pretty good outcome.

    If you want to go to trial, IMHO, you should hire a lawyer and follow your lawyer's advice.

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