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    Default Multiple Drug Possession Charges

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Arizona and Nevada respectively.

    I recently took a road trip across the country from NY and ended up in CA.

    I was pulled over in Nevada and a marijuana pipe was found and I was issued a ticket for "Possession of Paraphernalia". Misdemeanor 1.

    Then, in Arizona I was given two charges... "Attempted Possession of Marijuana" and "Attempted Possession of Paraphernalia." Misdemeanors 2 and 3. (Yes, they lowered them to ATTEMPTED POSSESSION)

    Needless to say, I've quit messing around with drugs at this point. I'm scared out of my mind and am fearing going to jail. I'm calling a lawyer tomorrow to see what might happen. Any ideas?

    I'm way too fragile for jail.

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    Default Re: Multiple Drug Possession Charges

    Jail is pretty unlikely. Not impossible, but not terribly likely, either.

    Nevada maximums are here, Arizona maximums are here. Mind, those are the maximums. First offenders rarely get the maximum - you pretty much have to moon the judge to get the book thrown at you that hard.

    Just tell your attorney everything and do exactly as you're told. And fish out your checkbook, you're going to have some fines to pay.

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