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    Default False CPS Report

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: New York

    My Aunt had 2 foster children and then someone made a false report on her and we know exactly who did it but they cant tell my aunt. CPS came to her home and told her that there had been a report made because there was a lot of screaming going around in the house. My aunt of course denied and said it wasn't true. The women then said it was fine and that she would visit once every two weeks un-announced and my aunt agreed and welcomed her at any time. The woman didn't come back until the next month and she made a quick observation and then left. In the course of two months she only came twice the first time and the second one i just mentioned. She NEVER CALLED and NEVER INTERVIEWED the CHILDREN.

    Then out of no where like 3 weeks later they called my aunt and told her to pack up the child's belongings because they were being placed in another home. My aunt was shocked. Luckily my aunt is very close to one of the social workers of the children and she told my aunt that the reason that they were being removed was because supposedly her son, my cousin, hits and screams at one of them. This was a complete lie. The social worker was so hurt because she knows he wouldn't do such a thing. My cousin is 21 years old and treats them very nicely and he even helps the child with their homework and he is barley home.

    Any who, the children's social worker came distraught to my aunts house to pick up the kids because she adored my aunt and her son and their home. Those kids were abused before and my aunt and cousin helped them be kids and feel comfortable. The social worker even asked the child if my cousin did any of those things to her and she said no no no. The social worker later found out that the CPS case worker went to the child's school and told her teacher to translate questions for her to the child. And now my aunt is horrified and my cousin is hurt. All they did was help them and look what happens. Even the child's real mother wants to go to court to fight this because she wants these children back with my aunt, which i doubt will happen. What more can my aunt do? Can that worker go to a child's school and tell a teacher who barley knows the child to translate for her? Does my aunt and cousins record get messed up? I feel that this system is very corrupt sometimes these workers would do anything for a bonus$$$ it's sad really it is. We all feel that the child was tricked. She doesn't even know what the word, son, brother or sister means. She doesn't even acknowledge that her and her brother have the same mom. She's a somewhat smart kid but doesn't comprehend very well.

    Any comments or help would greatly be appreciated... God Bless.

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    Default Re: False CPS Report

    If your aunt is being investigated, she can cooperate with the investigation and try to clear up any misunderstanding about what occurred. If she believes she may face charges - something you haven't even suggested as under consideration - she should consult a lawyer. If she thinks it will be helpful she may wish to consult a lawyer anyway; you don't make it very clear what's presently going on or what anybody could do about it.

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