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    Default Step Father on Birth Certificate

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: Colorado

    I ma 29 years old and my biological father was never put on my birth certificate. He and my mother were never married. He is only occasionaly a part of my life. My step father is really the only true father I have ever known, even though I am an adult and so changing the birth certificate does really have a legal baring on anything, I just wanted to put my step fathers name on my birth certificate in a way to honor him. Can I do this and what do I need to do?

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    Default Re: Step Father on Birth Certificate

    That would normally be achieved through adoption. Some states permit adoption of an adult, usually under narrow circumstances; however, it does not appear that Colorado permits adoption of anybody over the age of 21.
    Quote Quoting Colorado Revised Statutes, Sec. 19-5-201. Who may be adopted.
    Any child under eighteen years of age present in the state at the time the petition for adoption is filed and legally available for adoption as provided in section 19-5-203 may be adopted. Upon approval of the court, a person eighteen years of age or older and under twenty-one years of age may be adopted as a child, and all provisions of this part 2 referring to the adoption of a child shall apply to such a person.

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