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    Default Replacing Fence on Actual Property Boundry

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: California
    I am currently replacing my fence that was previously installed (by a previous owner) to not include a 17 by 20 SQ foot parcel of land ( my property was is shaped like a boot, the toe portion was prevoiusly on the other side of my fence.
    6 weeks ago I approached the neighbor, informed him that I was planning on replacing the fence and rebuilding on the original boundry. At the time he was not interested in paying for his portion of the shared fence but he did not object.
    We are now ready to begin construction of the new fence and need to remove a small dog run fence that sits in the middle of my plot. Neighbor seems to have become less co-operative according to my contractor yet is ignoring my attempts to contact and talk to him.

    I am willing to set the new fence back 1 foot from property line to avoid a tree but do I need his consent to remove the old dog run fence that straddles the property line.
    What about removing a tree branch that hangs over the property line and could restrict the fence?
    thank you
    PS the Los Angeles county tax assesors map clearly shows the property lines as the ones I am looking to build to, as does my title report ( bought home 18 months ago).

    If neighbor continues to avoid do I need to notify / serve and on what time frame?
    Am I with-in my rights to remove the fence and random personal goods from my property onto his?

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    Default Re: Replacing Fence on Actual Property Boundry

    What exactly do you mean "straddles the property line"? If it's on the property line and you're building your fence a foot from the property line, why does it need to be moved? If it's on his side, it's on his side. If it's on your side, why do you think you need his consent?

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