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    Default CPS Involvement After a Domestic Violence Incident

    hello... i posted the last message... i wondering if anyone can help me.....

    social services ake us to the court (because our figths husband and me)..... this is the 3rd incident they get involve.. thats why they take us to the court,.... we are doing our classes.. or marriage counseling (we tougth was confidential all we talk,, but the counselor say our therapy is not working)....... im mad about it. they say they just want us to go to therapy and we go.. but was not confidencial... what we talk there?????

    also... he is in the military... and for this trial (is in 2 days),, i find out they send a soupena to the social worker in base... why?? they close the case already!!!!!!.............

    im scared of what goin to happen that day......

    sociarl services has now the non-secure custody.. means the girl is in the house with us!............... thanks to god.
    is not been other police reports since the court dates start......
    hse has a good food, good clothes, good and nice room, she is a happy girl, smart., they visit her in school and ask the teachers how things are......... they told them she is very good and ok.

    the only problem is our figths!, of my husband and me...... he is deployed now..... so he cannot complete a class they tell him to do..
    i am goin to theraphy, counseling (psiquiatric.. bipolar disorder)......... and i do the classes of parenting 1 to 4... and also im goin to start a class name marching to change.. also im start with medication....

    please help me,, im totally stressed and tired of dss!!!!.......

    what happen in the trial?

    why they send a soupena to the ppl on base??

    they can say if im still leaving with my husband they will remove my daugther form home???

    they can take my daugther? (is not been abuse, they say is because is emotional because we figth in front of her..)?

    what the judge can do about it??

    can force me to get into the divorce so that way im not loose my daugther?

    please help!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Protective Services Trial

    You would normally be eligible for a court-appointed lawyer in child protective proceedings. You should request a lawyer.

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