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    Default Harassing Phone Calls "Spoof Number"

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: IN

    I have recieved several harrassing phone calls. I have filed police reports documenting each phone call. I have an attorney who subpoena my cell phone provider. The information that came back indicated the person that I presumed it to be.
    Very recently, the latest phone call was a death threat. Unlike the other phone calls that registered as "unknown" caller this particular call registered a number that turned out to be a fake number, it did not exist. I called the number and there was an error message. I searched the number on the internet and it is a known "spoof" number, inwhich a service intentionally decieves the person being called with a fake number. My attorney does not think that this number can be uncovered by serving another subpoena to my service provider
    Is there any other route I can take, other than serving another subpoena, in order to uncover this number?

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    Default Re: Harrassing Phone Calls "Spoof Number"

    Make a police report and see if the police will pursue the information.

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