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    Default Defaulted Student Loan, Cosigner First Notified 8 Years Later

    Hello and thank you for reading my post. 8 years ago (in 2000) I cosigned for a loan for my girlfriend's mother to go to truckdriving school and to get her cdl. She has defaulted and apparently has not made even a single payment as far as I can tell. 7 years ago, I knew about her not making payments and I even made a few, but assumed everything was fine after I didn't hear from them. Now, 8 years later I am getting threatened from a collections agency.

    I contacted my ex girlfriend's mother and she swears that she has not heard a peep from anyone about this loan.

    I checked my credit report and this collections company requested a copy of my credit report just last week. This loan; however, does not appear as of yet nor ever has.

    Your advice?

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    Default Re: Defaulted Student Loan, Cosigner First Notified 8 Years Later

    Contact her again and let her know that you'll be giving the collection agency her contact information, with the understanding that she needs to pay this.

    That does not, however, let you off the hook. If she does not pay, they can and will take action against you, as you promised to pay in the event she didn't.

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