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    Default Suing my mom

    I am living with my mom currently. I don't wanna be. At the moment I don't have enough money. See my mom is a really mean to me. So is the rest of my family they are abusive. I wanan get divored from her. I am in process of geitng a job. I wanna sue her for my support check, and being abusive. She won't do anything. I sometimes don't get to eat or have any food. I shouldn't have to live with abusive family. SHe refuses to get a job. She takes my clothes back when I get new ones for money. I wanna get my support check since she uses it all for herself. Would it be hard to sue her for my check than try divorce her. Does anyone have a cost estimate how much I need for a lawyer for this?

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    Default Child Support Payments

    Child support payments are paid to a parent to offset expenses associated with raising a child. They are not payable to the child.

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    If there is abuse and neglect in the home, just contact CPS or the equivalent in your area. They will remove you from the home if it is necessary. Are your parents still married? If not, could you go live with your father? He could file a change of custody request.

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