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    Default Domestic Assault 266

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ontario

    Few months ago, me and my girl friend start an argument on a parking lot of a mall, then I tripped her down on the floor. The mall security saw me and arrested me and call the police. My girl fried didnít want me to get arrested and told the security to leave me but he didnít. the security told to my girlfriend to say what happen else she is going to get charged for lying. So when the police came she said that I push her down. I was charged with assault 266, and on my disclosure the statement from security was more then what I did. He included that I slapped her and also pulled her out of the car from the head and throw her to the ground. But what really happen was she came out of car and I tripped her down. The security was standing at least 100m away from our car maybe he assumed that way.

    What I did after receiving disclosure: I went to legal aid, but they canít provide me any assistance, I also went to student lawyer they also canít provide me any assistant because of my family income. But my girl friend went to the court and filled application to see the crown, but didnít meet the crown yet. To talk to crown and say that I didnít do anything to her.

    My question: i have no money to hire a lawyer, is it possible to drop my criminal charge that was on me without hiring a lawyer? Do I have to plea guilty or not guilty in this situation? If I plea not guilty, am I able to win the case, since the security was seeing me from far, and my girl friend support me? Also since my girlfriend send application to meet crown, when the crown call her what she has to say, that supports me.

    Any ideas? suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Domestic Assault 266

    This is a U.S. board,not a Canadian board. If you were in the U.S., and I wouldn't be surprised if things are similar in Canada, assuming you have a clean record, I would suggest seeing if you're eligible for a deferral.

    And stop assaulting women. It's really not very manly.

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