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    Default Legal recourse against our roommates?

    My roommates moved out 3 months after signing our lease. All 4 of our names are on the lease and two of us remain here. When they left they made a verbal agreement to pay out the remainder of the lease. They also changed the locks to two doors in the condo. According to our lease locks cannont be changed without express permission from the landlord. The bedroom that they used to occupy and the bathroom next to it. We spoke with our landlord and he asked us to remove the new locks to maintain the rooms (keep them clean, run the water, etc.) One roommate that left some stuff in the room they used to occupy stopped by unnannounced the other day to retrieve some of their belongings and then called the landlord to inform him that they would not be paying rent anymore because the rooms were open and that we were using them on a daily basis. The landlord has stated that it is not fair to kick us out. We pay rent every month on time and have been model tennants according to him. Do we have any legal recourse against our former roommates?

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    Default Former Roommates Won't Pay

    You may have to sue them in small claims court.

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