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    Question DBA & New Business

    My question involves business law in the state of: Massachusetts

    I'm looking to start a web design service as a sole proprietor (it's basically an outlet for freelance work). I want to run the service under a fictitious name, so I need to file a DBA with my local clerk - that I think I have a handle on.

    For the time being I don't foresee making enough to warrant filing separate taxes, and I won't need to hire any employees.

    I'm assuming I also need to file for various business licenses?

    I've seen online services for this, which seem to try to up-sell me with every possible license they can find, so the information they've provided seems cloudy to me at best. I think I'm pretty capable of filing the appropriate documentation myself, I'd just like to cover all my bases to avoid any fines/issues in the future.

    Can anyone clear this area up for me?

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