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    Default Should I Get a Lawyer

    My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of: Washington!

    Hello guys, if any of you remember I was involved in a fairly difficult ticket back in September of last year. A cop chased me without lights and ended up ticketing me for 73 in a 35. I eventually got the ticket deferred because the cop was at fault for not identifying himself or something of the sort.

    Now I'm in a bind, I was traveling on a 45mph road, and had just made a right onto another street. Cop coming the opposite direction pulled me over and ticketed me for going 49 in a 35. I just recently moved to the area and didn't know that the speed limit had dropped to 35 on this street.

    He said that because I had a clean record, he ticketed me with a smaller offense. I got RCW 46.61.400(2) Exceeding Safe and Posted Limit. Supposedly that dropped the ticket down from 200 dollars, to a mere 124 dollars.

    I don't mind paying the 124, it's not a lot. What troubles me is that the ticket will go on my record and the previous one will come back. When the first ticket was deferred, I did it through the mail. I got a slip back saying "DF - Deferred Finding", no explanation whatsoever.

    Should I get a lawyer to help me fight the ticket or am I screwed and now will have TWO tickets on my record?

    Side note: Previous ticket was sent to Snohomish County Courthouse, this one is for Mill Creek Violations Bureau. I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but will the Mill Creek Center know about my deferment on the courthouse?

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    Default Re: Should I Get a Lawyer

    but will the Mill Creek Center know about my deferment on the courthouse?
    Most likely.

    In your situation, I would consult with an attorney.
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