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    My question involves real estate located in the State of: California.

    We bought our home in unincorporated Whittier, Los Angeles County in 1976. The house next door has been bought and sold several times. I recently learned that the fence dividing our property sits about 2 feet into my neighbor's property. When we purchased our home it had a swimming pool and a brick back wall. If the fence between the 2 properties was moved back on my property 2 feet, the back wall would have to be torn down and the fence between the houses would be right at the very edge of the swimming pool (which I have been told would be illegal). My current neighbor has lived there for about 20 years and has never said anything so I think he is unaware. Is this legally his property? A realtor told me that he thought because both houses were bought with the existing fences and because it has been over 30 years that it is now my property. I am a widow and cannot afford to have the wall or pool re-done. Is this my property or his? Please advise.
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    Wow, another great Realtor story. Is there nothing these guys can't do?

    You need a proper boundary survey done by a California Licensed Land Surveyor if there is uncertainty about your boundary. You may well have a case for claiming the land even if the boundary is located two feet onto you, as you fear.

    The theory will probably need to be proven in court if your neighbor fails to agree.

    How did you come to think that the line might be two feet onto you?

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