My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Wisconsin

I was contacted, threatened, and harassed by a debt collector trying to collect a debt that he claimed was owed to him by my cousin.

He threatened to get me fired from my job as well as get my cousin arrested if I didnt sign an agreement to pay back the loan. I didnt have enough money to pay back the entire loan so he drafted an agreement for the loan amount and put my car in the loan agreement as collateral. I have been told by some friends that the debt collectors conduct is not legal.

The debtor made the loan to my cousin back in November of 2007. I signed the agreement in November of 2008. I dont want to have to pay back my cousin's loan and I now know he cant cause me any trouble at work.

Is there anything I can do? Am I obligated to pay back the loan? I can prove that he contacted me, and actually have proof of the threats as well.