My question involves a reckless driving ticket from the State of: Virginia

Ok i am a juvenile (17) and i was pulling out of a food lion parking lot after business hours (wasnt aware that was probable cause) and was accused of smelling of alchohol because i had a few drinks a few hours ago. i passed the sobriety tests but was arrested then blew a .04 and got charged with driving after illegally consuming alcohol. i had to do 10 hours of community service for being out past curfew then the "baby DUI" got reduced to reckless driving. And i paid my fines and now have to go to driving school.

well the other day i had to take my friend to jail to do weekends and he forgot his socks at my house and we were running kind of late. so i turned around to go back to get them. merged onto the highway were the speed limit is 55 and passed a car that was doing about 50. hit 60 and passed a few more cars in the right lane i then put my car in third gear and let off the gas pushed in the clutch going downhill and around a slight curve. and when i get halfway down the hill i see a state trooper on the right shoulder and pull my e-brake. he pulls out pulls me over and writes me a wreckless driving ticket for 78 in a 55 i believe my odometer said like 70 due to my slightly larger tires in the rear.

what am i looking at here? Im going to go to the driving course as soon as possible. the letter i got from DMV says if i get another demerit point violation they could suspend my license for 90 days. Should i pay for a lawyer? the first time i payed $400 and i was glad because i got a decent plea bargain.