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    Default Ex-Parte Child Protective Order - False Allegations

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: UTAH

    I need to know the best way to respond to an Ex-Parte Child Protective Order. This protective order involves false allegations of abuse of my 3 year old made by the mother and step-father against me. It is an attempt by the mother to disrupt my parenting time which she has constantly attempted to deny or discourage through various means and other allegations since we split up.

    Given the amount of evidence I have against her, I believe I have a strong case, but how do I go about responding to this order properly?

    Should I simply file an affidavit to the court, Plaintiff, and GAL?
    Should I only file it only to the court?
    ..or should I wait for the hearing?

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    Default Re: Ex-Parte Child Protective Order - False Allegations

    My personal take on such circumstances is to hold every card you have close to the chest and spring it all at once at the hearing. No point in disclosing your defense points and possibly giving the accusers a heads up. Better to bring up your points in court and let their genuine reactions or lack of rebuttal speak for itself. Your attorney might advise otherwise for various reasons, and if so, that's the advice to follow.

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