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    Default Using Information and Pictures on a Travel Website

    I am building a website that is for downhill mountain bikers. It advises people of things such as reviews,times, rates, open and closing dates of ski resorts that offer downhill mountian biking during the summer months. The information I get for my site can come from calling the resort directly or from just going to the resorts website and finding the information.
    The upside to my website is it promotes their resort for downhill mountian biking. Where it may hurt their site is; 1) people may just go my site instead of theirs 2) their may be a negative review of their resort.

    Would using information which is available through calling them, brochures or their website be infridging on copyright rights? The name of the site is (it under construction now until I can be sure that I do not infridge anyones on copyright.)

    Thanks for all advice given.

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    Default Re: Is This Copyright Infringement

    See if they will agree to let you use brochure information on your website. They may, even at risk of getting bad reviews. The text and pictures in their brochures are subject to their copyright.

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