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    Default Statute of Limitation for Medical Bill Write-Off

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Indiana

    I had my baby 3 months early in 2006. My insurance covered her birth the first 30 days and her dad's insurance began at birth and is currently covering her. My daughter is 2 now and I have a medical bill that the hospital never billed the correct insurance company. Having a premature baby was a roller coaster and she is wonderful now but having to deal with the billing is like going 10 steps back. The reason the hospital never billed her dad's insurance was because we both have Blue Cross Blue Shield and they assumed it was the same insurance. The billing office that handled the bills was very argumentative and negative telling me that our insurance company was the same and they had the insurance number correct and when it was repeated, it was for my insurance that had expired after the 30 days was up. Now I am still receiving this bill and it is still saying insurance pending. I have talked to her current insurance and the hospital which now that billing company no longer handles neonatal billing. I was told that the hospital should be able to write this off since the correct insurance was not billed and it has been 2 years. Is this true and how long is the statue of limitations? I have to now put this in writing to the hospital but I need to know is the statue for my state 2 years or what else am I to do?

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    Default Re: Statute of Limitation for Medical Bill Write-Off

    Generally speaking, Indiana has a six year limitations period for contracts to pay money. Although the hospital could write off the debt, that's not the same as forgiving the debt and doesn't mean that they (or their collection agency) won't try to collect the debt.

    Was the correct insurance company in fact billed, at some point in your saga?

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    Default Re: Statute of Limitation for Medical Bill Write-Off

    Aaron, thank you for responding. The correct insurance company was never billed. I have had numerous attempts to have the hospital to bill the insurance. I have talked to the correct insurance company and they are telling me that it is too late for them to pay a claim from 2006. The bill has multiple dates for billing beginning in 2006 continuing through 2007. Is it possible to get the insurance company to pay the services billed in 2007? The services are all on one bill.


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