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    Default Hardwood Floor Contractor Did Bad Job

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: North Carolina

    I hired a company to sand & refinish my hardwood floors, a job they told me would take three days. Initially, there was excessive debris & grit throughout the entire floor, humps that were not sanded down, drips of polyurethane, etc. The company has been back seven times to attempt spot repairs, to include rebuffing & recoating & sanding down different areas of the floor. Their last attempt was two days ago and upon completion, it was worse than ever, with more debris, large chunks of grit, polyurethane on painted wall surface and an area that they damaged. There is even a piece of plastic 2"x4" that they polyurethaned over. I am now going on three weeks with my house in disarray. My family has been displaced twice during repairs. I have paid half ($618.00). I have had three other companies provide estimates and all say this quality of work is far below industry standards. Additionally, they all say the floor needs to be sanded all the way back down and refinished again.

    I sent the owner of the company a certified letter today requesting a refund of $618.00 and to reply within three days of receipt of letter or I will seek civil action.

    I do not expect a refund, in fact, I expect legal action on their part to include a lien.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Do I stand a chance in civil court should it go that route?
    2. Would a resonable person expect to be put through what I am being put through?
    3. Would a reasonable person expect to pay this amount of money only to end up with this quality of work?
    4. Have I given ample opportunity for this company to complete/repair the job?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Hardwood Floor Contractor Did Bad Job

    1) One would expect.
    2) No, a reasonable person would expect the job to be done correctly the first time.
    3) See #2.
    4) After SEVEN attempts to unmake their mess, they've had more than ample notice.

    Retain counsel and go get 'em.

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