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    I tripped in a pothole in a store parking lot and shattered my knee. I had surgery to wire everything back together. Four months of rehab, (and counting), and I'm still not able to return to work. My job is very physical at times and involves a lot of lifting and climbing. I can barely walk at this point, and the doctor says it will never be 100% functional again, probably a lot less. The injury happened during the course of my employment, so the worker's comp. insurance is covering the medical and a fraction of the lost wages. I'm looking at two possible outcomes and was wondering what type of pain and suffering award/settlement I might be able to recover with each, along with possible future lost earnings.

    1. I'm able to get enough function in my leg to return to my old job at near full capacity.

    2. I end up with a permanent disability in the leg and have to take another job at roughly half my present salary.

    Anyone know what kind of dollar figure I might reasoanably expect to recover for each scenario?

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