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    Default Finding an Internet Law Specialist

    I am posting this as a general "feeler" as it were to try and find informative and helpful information. I run a small consulting company here in the suburbs of Chicago and most of my online business affairs is doing with affiliate programs. I am trying to find a lawyer who specializes in Internet and E-commerce to hire on a part-time basis to help protect me and my business online.

    Any thoughts, comments, etc. would be most appreciative.


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    Default Internet Law Firm

    You may want to look to a multi-disciplinary business firm. First, most of the law which affects online business is the same as the law which governs other traditional businesses. Second, they are more likely to have an associate who is attempting to develop a subspeciality this narrow, or to have attorneys with experience across a range of issues similar to those you encouter.

    Granted, you may be able to find a specialist, given that Chicago is a huge legal market.

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