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    Default First Degree Burglary in Maryland

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Maryland, Hi I am a 23 year old male who has a warrant out for his arrest for 1st degree burglary. I have never been charged with a burglary or felony before. I have found out threw talking to local lawyers that a house i was living in was broken into a couple months after I moved out and in with my girlfriend. The crime was said to happen 6-18-08 but the warrant wasn't issued until 9-14-08. I am just finding out about this warrant 1-8-09. The lawyers I have talked to said that they can get the warrant dropped but I still would have to go to court for the charge. I don't know how or why I am getting charged with this the lawyers say that the home owners could have said it was me or threw finger prints??? Since I lived their wouldn't my prints be their anyway. I'm very lost and scared I have a two year old daughter and a great full time job that I've been with for sometime now that I don't want to lose to jail time and was getting ready to finally go back and finish up school. Do you think I will see jail time because of this or probation or maybe get the charges dropped. In Maryland would first degree burglary entail a weapon was used. Please somebody help.

    Charge info:

    Charge No:001
    Amended Date:CJIS
    Code:2 3000
    Probable Cause:X
    Incident Date From:06/18/2008 To:06/18/2008
    Victim Age:

    What does all this mean and what is the statue of limitations for this charge how could the put a warrant out three months after the after the Incident.
    Please please help

    P.S. Anyone know of a very good lawyer I can talk to about this in Maryland

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    Default Re: First Degree Burglary in Maryland

    We certainly can't make any predictions here, but if you didn't do it, why are you worrying so much about jail time? Obviously, you should be retaining counsel and talking to him/her about the case.

    If you're already discussing this with attorneys of your acquaintance, you should ask them for recommendations, or you can get a referral from the Maryland State Bar Association.

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