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    Default Discrimination or Retaliation

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: WA State


    I was hoping for some insight in my situation.

    I was born and raise in the state of WA but my ethnic origion is that of a minority.

    I work in for a Restaurant Chain, and the Owners are also from a minority decent. Most of the workers are minorities as well and the management does not hire anyone but their minority.

    The old manager did, which is the reason why I, along with 2 other people have our jobs, but the new one does not. When people apply who are white, he just throws their application away or puts it to the side, while people of his decent apply, they are known to be hired on the spot.

    I brought up the discrimiation to their Human resources board and they agreed that I was being discriminated against and the person who did it was warned. A couple weeks later I lost a work shift. When I asked the reason why, he said in the open that it was so the person who he replaced me with would be fired. He changed the schedule mid week and hoped that he wouldnt show up so he could fire him. That person is also an minority that is different from him.

    The manager wants to get rid of everyone but his race. I know personally of atleast 2 people who are confirmed illegals. He continutes to hire illegal immigrants knowingly.

    We had another person who was hired about a month ago and he was bragging that he was an illegal. The assisstant manager told the manager that his social security card was obviously a fake but he told him not to worry about it and hired him anyway.

    The third worker is a white women and she is constantly harrassed by the workers. They discriminate against her because the head cook was fired for sexually harrassing her. The manager is upset and has cut her hours along with being rude to her and telling her to quit if she can't take it. He is trying to get rid of all the people who arn't his race.

    I know that this is very vague but any advice would help.

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    Default Re: Discrmination / Retaliation

    If you and the other workers have complained to HR and they have done nothing, contact the EEOC PRIOR to quitting.

    If you are still in the position, you have a much stronger case.

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