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    Unhappy Pulled Over with No Insurance, Had Rollover Insurance from Old Vehicle

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Minnesota

    I called my insurance compnay to tell them my car had died and I no longer needed to carry the insurance on it. They had me put the car on the roll over insurance plan since I was going to replace the car that died with a new vehicle within 6 months. This was in September of 08. On December 8th 2008 my grandfather, who is no longer able to drive, sold me his 95 truck. It needed to be fixed so we drove it home and put it in the driveway and there it sat. This past Friday, January 9th of 09, I was running late for work and took the truck since it was the closest to me. I drove speed limit to work only to get pulled over for expired tabs. The officer asked for my insurance and I told him I did not have it on this truck as my grandfather had just sold it to me last month and I had forgotten to call. I didn't even notice the tabs had expired and I never received a notice to renew them either. He only cited me for the no insurance and made me tow the truck back home. I called my insurance company and they said I did have the roll over insurance from the last car and put the truck on right away and would send me a certificate stated my insurance carried over onto this truck. In the mean time I am getting new tabs in the morning as well.

    People are telling me I am going to loose my liscense for this incident. I have insurance on my van, so I did not do this on purpose at all, why would I have kept the roll over insurance if I was going to not insure this truck. It slipped my mind. Anyone know what I am facing here? What do I do?

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    Default Re: Pulled Over with No Insurance, Had Rollover Insurance from Old Vehicle

    I can tell you what the law is in PA in this case. If the car you currently insure is removed (totaled, sold, junked, etc) but you do not have a new car to replace it with then we suspend the policy for 1 year (or two 6 month renewals). This holds the policy, you make no payments on it but when you do get a car it is very easy to put the new car on & you don't have to reapply for insurance. This is what sounds to be the case here. The problem is that replacement/added car clauses still apply. In PA, your insurance will only extend up to 30 days (some companies are 14 days...depends how they are filed w/ the state- but state law is no more than 30 days). So if you have a bill of sale 12/8/08 & this happened on 1/9/09, then you would be charged here in PA & lose your license (also if you had an accident the insurance would not extend). But here is where your may be safe- since the vehicle is not registered- it is not legal for the road & therefore does not have require insurance (just sitting parked). The problem is that you were driving it on the road & the cop has record of that since you have a ticket.

    My advise would be- get it registered, get it insured, pay the ticket. If that is the end of it- you are lucky. Otherwise, if you fight it in court they may get you on worse. You may get a letter from the state in a month or two requesting insurance information or for you to surrender your license- call your insurance company for proof (chances are it will show a full 6 month or 1 year policy- even though that car wasn't on it the entire time).

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