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    Question Excluding a Spouse from Auto Insurance and Third Party Ownership

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California

    Last week, my husband totaled our car. So, now my parents are considering buying me a car as a gift. However, due to some legal trouble that I am in (judgement) someone in my family has offered to put the car in his name and I will carry full insurance on it- he would be an excluded driver on the policy. I would have 100,000/300,000/100,000 insurance- comp and collision, and uninsured motorist. Now here is the thing- the person who will own the car has alot to lose if anything goes wrong. He owns a home, cars, and has other assetts.
    What is the risk to him by doing this for me? If I have full insurance, does that pretty much cover him or do I have to worry about someone suing him if I am in an accident?

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    Default Re: Excluding a Spouse from Auto Insurance and Third Party Ownership

    He should talk to his insurance agent about his liability, and make sure he has sufficient coverage.

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    Default Re: Excluding a Spouse from Auto Insurance and Third Party Ownership

    The man who will owns the car should have a PLUP in place (personal liability umbrella policy). This will protect him from lawsuits in addition to his own auto & homeowners policies. If possible, he should be the lienholder to protect him further- the car is titled to you but he holds the title (and it is shown that way ont he title). You will most likely not be able to get insurance in your name if he is the owner.
    100/300/100 is average amounts to carry. A person w/ retirement savings, a home, and other assest that are more than $300,000 should have a PLUP.

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