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    Exclamation Police Officer's Negative Remarks

    Recently, I was pulled over with a friend and he was driving. The reason the officer pulled us over was " because of the license plate frame." ( the one that EVERY SINGLE CAR comes with from the dealership. ) The officer proceeded to search the car, my friend called his father and he arrived on scene shortly after the call.

    To make a long story short, the officer found nothing. The officer proceeded to inform my friends father that I had previously been arrested for possession of marijuana, telling him that " Hes not a good person " and various other slanderous comments about myself. I was a minor when I was arrested and on my 18th birthday the record was expunged. Is it legal for the officer to go on a rant about my past and to tarnish my character ? Thanks for the input.

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    Default Re: Is This Okay

    The remarks aren't slanderous if they are true. He can hardly be said to be "tarnishing your character" if you've already done that on your own.

    His remarks were unprofessional, to be sure, and you may be able to file a complaint with his commanding officer, but with respect to "slander", you've got nothing.

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