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    Default Drug Sniffing Dog Use at a Traffic Stop

    I got pulled over by a deputy for “not signaling 100’ prior to turn” , the road made a 90° turn so I was not required to signal, but that’s not what bothers me. After pulling me over (9:01pm) I sat in my truck for2 ½ minutes before he even approached my truck. When he finally came to it he came to my passenger window, and ask to see my DL and insurance I gave them to him and then he told me to get out of the truck, so I got out and shut my door. He ask where I was going, I told him I was going to pick my girlfriend up from work b/c she got off at 9:00. He told me to stand in front of his car and he was going to write me a warning and won’t take too long. I stood there until 9:19pm meanwhile there were 4 more deputy cars that showed up & 5 deputies. When he gave me the warning & my DL back for some reason I had 5 cops besides him circled around me, then he ask if he could search my truck. I said that I told him I was late picking her up so no I didn’t have time. He told me to wait right there, and he went and got his dog out of his car. He walked it around my truck 2 times, then he patted my door and pulled the dog up to the door. It wouldn’t even look at my truck, then he opened my door and he crawled in dragging the dog behind him. He was in there for about 2 or 3 min. when he got out he started petting her and saying “good girl” then he put her in his car. Then he told me to put my hands on the hood and he started sticking his hands in my pockets and taking stuff out of them. He got my snuff can & open it and shook it around. Then he told me that the dog alerted in there and he was going to look around the “area” that she alerted. I ask him if he could try to hurry & he said “this is more than a traffic stop, now its an investigation, I will take the time I need” So I had 2 cops in my truck 4 circled around me. While searching they cracked my dash board, all the papers in my glove box were in the floor, they went through every paper in it & scattered them everywhere, opened my toolbox & dug in it, opened my hood and dug around in it. Now the good part, I am stopped right in across the street of the school gym parking, and the basket ball game was over so everybody in town while leaving the game can’t see any thing but my truck with hood, both doors, toolbox opened & 2 cops in it, & me standing with 4cops around me, and a total of 5 cop cars behind my truck. At 10:19pm he came back to me & said that I was free to go. didn’t even say he was sorry or nothing. Since then everybody in town looks at me different, & my girlfriend broke up with me. I did not have and never have had any drugs on me or in my truck. I have not ever been convicted or even charged with any drug charges. Is there anything I can do about this or not?

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    Default Drug Investigation at Traffic Stop

    There should be an incident report describing the traffic stop, in the words of the police. You should obtain a copy. If you have not waited too long, you may be able to obtain dispatch recordings pertaining to the incident. You may want to consult with a lawyer in your state who handles civil rights claims, to see if you have a viable case.

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    I would definetely get a copy of the report. There should be a very detailed report for the dog also. Anytime a police officer takes that dog out of the car a detailed report needs to be made.

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    Default Search

    Since you did not give consent for a search, the Officer violated your rights when he "opened the door" at that time anything found would be an illegal search. contact the office of professional standards (AKA internal investigation) and lodge a complaing of unprofessional conduct.
    Since there was nothing found and the fact that the dog did NOT alert (acting agitated barking and such) there was no P.C to search the truck. as far as a cursory search of you, A officer can preform a "safety search" for no reason appearent to you. You do have a case with the dog .
    Good luck

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