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    Default Right of Way Out in the Middle of the Street


    OK here it goes.......i had my property surveyed over the summer to see where i could place a pool. My surveyor called me outside to show me the property lines.... which were where i thought they were on 3 sides (the front, southern side, and western side). The right of way on the northern side (which is on the side of my house) is out in the middle of the street by the double yellow lines at the front of my property and about half way between the yellow lines and my side yard by the time it gets to the back of my property. Ive lost somewhere around 1500 to 2000 sf of a 18000 sf lot

    Now i have 3 questions.....

    1st what happens to my property that is listed in my title and is now under a road? I went to the township and was basically told its still mine but now there is a road on it.

    2nd There is a company getting read to run sewer or water (im not sure which) that is going to be digging up right where my pin is at in the road. Are they allowed to take my property pin away. I paid good money to have that pin placed they when my lot was surveyed.
    They kinda made me mad when they drove all over my side yard and messed it up. So i dont want to make this easy on them.

    3rd Since the right of way is out in the middle of the road could i put a fence or trees right up to the road way?

    Thanks is advance

    Btw im in pennsylvania

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    Default Re: Right of Way Out in the Middle of the Street

    1. It's probably always been subject to the road. It's an easement. That's how it is done in PA.

    2. Removing your pin is probably vandalism. If they have an easement which extends beyond the road right of way, they can work in the area which includes the pin, but they will need to replace it if they tear it out.

    3. You cannot intrude into the roadway. If you wish to fence up to it you will probably need to get permission from the township.

    But you should have asked these questions of your surveyor, who should be able to answer them all.

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