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    Default Good Family Being Torn Apart Against Own Wishes

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Indiana
    My husband and I recently got into an altercation and were both Incarcerated for Domestic Battery A class D Felony. We had our issuue resolved by the time the police arrived and instead of leaving they picked up the charges. My question is if neither of us testify against each other will they even have a case also we havE a 4 month old baby who they say he can not see since he cant be near me bacause of the no contact order the police also set on there own. How do we make this all go away.We have been married 4 years and never been in a dispute and the only marks there are is some scratches on his face. Please Help we have 5 kids and this silly argument is trying to tear our family apart. HOW DO WE GET THE NO CONTACT ORDER DROPPED ALSO??????????

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    Default Re: Good Family Being Torn Apart Against Own Wishes

    Once the police get involved in a domestic situation, it is out of your hands.

    No, you cannot simply get the no contact order dropped. Only the courts can make that decision.

    You'd do well to consult an attorney in your area to get your situation straightened out.

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