My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Tenn. My grandaughter,who is 17, is married with a 3 mo. old baby. She went to Tenn. with her husband to stay with his Mom and wants to leave because of abuse from the Mom and other neglect/abuse reasons. She called the police when the mother attacked her for wanting to leave and come back home. Because she tried to defend herself,the police said they would have to arrest her also,
so she didnt file charges.They also told her that she couldnt legally take the baby out of state,because shes a minor and has to have her husbands permission. If this is true,what will happen if she leaves and takes her baby with her? The mother-in-law has a record there and was on probation. So where's the rights of my grandaughter? CPS isnt an option,because we are afraid they will take custody of the baby. I know from personal experience that they are not what they claim to be.