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    I recently went to a website called They allow users to trade pc games with other users. I wrote the company to ask why they didn't trade other games that belong to other gaming platforms (playstation xbox etc.) They replied that it was illegal. Can someone tell me why it is legal to trade pc games but not other games that are played with a different consol. It seems to me that they could be wrong. I was interested in starting a game trading business but I wanted to see if it was legal first. Even If you dont know the answer but you know how or where I could go to find the answers please let me know. Thank You.

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    Default Trading of Games

    Presumably there is a licensing issue which exists for the gaming platforms which does not apply to PC games. Perhaps they can explain further; or you can delve into the fine print of the licensing agreement which comes with any game, and see what it says about transfer of ownership.

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    Seems like they have more than just PC games now, everything from PsP to GameCube.

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