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    Default Getting My Car Insurance To Pay

    I was hit by another vehicle a few weeks ago, in Michigan. I was not injured but my van was totaled. The other driver got a ticket.

    My insurance company won't pay off my car loan. With Michigan No Fault insurance can I make the other driver pay for it? She caused the accident and even said it was all her fault. Now I'm out about $3,800.

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    Default Michigan Mini Tort Law

    Dear Samantha,

    Under Michigan no fault law, drivers are primarily responsible for collision damage to their own vehicles, and can suffer the type of loss you describe if they choose not to carry collision coverage. If you were both insured, you can normally collect up to $500 for your uninsured losses for damage to your car from the other driver. You can often get this directly from the other driver's insurance company. If the other driver was not insured, you can theoretically collect your entire loss - but most people who don't have insurance also don't have money to pay a judgment.

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    Default $1000.00 deductible

    I'm also from Michigan, I backed in to another Vehicle. The damage to the other Vehicle was $1300.00, Our insurance paid them $500.00 under the Mini tort, their insurance paid them $300.00. My question is their deductible is $1000.00. are we liable the the remaining $500.00.

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    No, the mini-tort amount is all they can get from you. Why did their insurance company only pay $300?

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